Power Consumption Assessment in Mobile Ad-Hoc Network’s Routing Protocols

Abstract: Traditional routing protocols in mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) face the high-energy resources consumption due to process of route discovery. In a MANET, a mobile node consumes its power mainly because of message communication and message processing. The power consumption of a mobile node for communication is the highest ...

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Iraqi Car License Plate Recognition Using OCR

Abstract: License plate recognition (LPR) system is an important system in our life. LPR is an image processing and a character recognition system that used to recognize any car from the others. An automatic license plate recognition system for Iraqi car license plates is proposed in this paper. An optical ...

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The Impact of Information Security International Standards

Abstract: This paper aims to determine the role of international standards for data security to increase the efficiency of EPublishing over cloud computing by a case study to a sample of academics and researchers, and to achieve the objectives of this paper a questionnaire was developed to gather data from ...

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Study and Analysis of Students’ Works after Graduation from Computer Science Department in Cihan University – Erbil

Abstract in recent years, the most important problems that face students after graduation in to find job. In this paper, we collect information for graduated students that had been graduated from computer science department – Erbil for the last five years (from 2010 until 2016) including place of work and ...

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Designing An Efficient Three Phase Brushless Dc Motor Fuzzy Control Systems (BLDCM)

Abstract: In this paper presented a model of three phase BLDC motor. Also presented the construction and operation also derived the state space model of brushless Dc motor. Matlab/simulink models are derived to observed and analyzed the dynamic characteristics of the BLDC motor speed, torque , currents and voltages of the ...

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Comparative Study for Color Edge Detection Using Vector Value, YCbCr Color Space and Least Square Numerical Method

Abstract: Edge detection plays an important role in imageEdge detection plays an important role in image processing, pattern recognition and computer vision applications. Most of edge detection schemes are based on finding maximum in the first derivative of the image function or zero crossings in the second derivative of the ...

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