Power Consumption Assessment in Mobile Ad-Hoc Network’s Routing Protocols

Abstract: Traditional routing protocols in mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) face the high-energy resources consumption due to process of route discovery. In a MANET, a mobile node consumes its power mainly because of message communication and message processing. The power consumption of a mobile node for communication is the highest ...

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Iraqi Car License Plate Recognition Using OCR

Abstract: License plate recognition (LPR) system is an important system in our life. LPR is an image processing and a character recognition system that used to recognize any car from the others. An automatic license plate recognition system for Iraqi car license plates is proposed in this paper. An optical ...

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The Impact of Information Security International Standards

Abstract: This paper aims to determine the role of international standards for data security to increase the efficiency of EPublishing over cloud computing by a case study to a sample of academics and researchers, and to achieve the objectives of this paper a questionnaire was developed to gather data from ...

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Comprehensive Study of Hierarchical Routing Protocols in MANET using Simple Clustering

Abstract: The rapid evaluation of data transmission in wireless communication technologies can show many problems. In the previous year’s many routing protocols was developed, implemented, and evaluated for transmission of data in the Mobile ad hoc network (MANET), where it envisioned to be a useful technology in military communication systems ...

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Analysis of Confidentiality Algorithms in Different Mobile Generations

Abstract: In past years, a variety of Mobile technology generations have been adopted in mobile communication systems. Various sensitive information (e.g. emails, bank transactions, voice calls, … ) was exchanged via the mobile systems. The protection of information confidentiality became a serious problem for the customers of these systems. Security ...

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Challenges Smartphone’s Big Data in HealthCare Systems

Abstract: Smartphones and wearable devices offer promising perspectives for processing and collecting velocity, variety, and high-quality data in healthcare scenarios. Collecting, investigating, analyze, and mining health data to generate individual and public health rules. These rules will measure and enhance the quality of everyday life. However current health systems are ...

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