Power Consumption Assessment in Mobile Ad-Hoc Network’s Routing Protocols

Abstract: Traditional routing protocols in mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) face the high-energy resources consumption due to process of route discovery. In a MANET, a mobile node consumes its power mainly because of message communication and message processing. The power consumption of a mobile node for communication is the highest ...

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Iraqi Car License Plate Recognition Using OCR

Abstract: License plate recognition (LPR) system is an important system in our life. LPR is an image processing and a character recognition system that used to recognize any car from the others. An automatic license plate recognition system for Iraqi car license plates is proposed in this paper. An optical ...

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The Impact of Information Security International Standards

Abstract: This paper aims to determine the role of international standards for data security to increase the efficiency of EPublishing over cloud computing by a case study to a sample of academics and researchers, and to achieve the objectives of this paper a questionnaire was developed to gather data from ...

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PerfectC2MIS: A perfect FileMaker r-database based comprehensive Class cumunication Course Management Information System

Abstract: As most of us are unaware that we have a very effective and efficient relational database with the name FileMaker which falls under the category of less known Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) to develop and deploy all types of computer applications to manage the business of a Small ...

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Factors influencing the adoption of Location Based Identification in Kurdistan Regional of Iraq

Abstract: This study examines the factors that affect the adoption of Location Based Identification LBI in the developing countries and more specific in Kurdistan Regional of Iraq (KRI). LBI has different names in different countries such as postcode in the United Kingdom and zip code in the United States. As ...

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