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Challenges Smartphone’s Big Data in HealthCare Systems

Abstract: Smartphones and wearable devices offer promising perspectives for processing and collecting velocity, variety, and high-quality data in healthcare scenarios. Collecting, investigating, analyze, and mining health data to generate individual and public health rules. These rules will measure and enhance the quality of everyday life. However current health systems are ...

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Design SHA-2 MIPS Processor Using FPGA

Abstract: According to the wide developments in the area of communications, there is a demand for secure system for data transmissions. Hence, a new algorithm and security standards are developed. One of these algorithms and standards are the Hash function. In this paper, a Hash system SHA-2 MIPS (Microprocessor without ...

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Comparative Study of Reconfigurable Cache Memory

Abstract: Reconfigurable cache memory is important to improve the cache performance and reduces the energy consumption. In this paper, a review for previous papers related with reconfigurable cache memory were presented and compared it with our work in which we implemented two dimensional reconfigurable cache memory with exploitation of full ...

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