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The CIC-ADFIS’18 is an international peer reviewed and non-profit conference. It seeks high quality, original and non-published papers in (but not limited to) the following topics:

First Session (Administrative) – Administrative developments and their impact on institutional performance:

– Developments in human resource development and its strategic applications.

– Information technology and environmental sustainability.

-Agile IT management technology.

– Innovations in entrepreneurship and project management (small, medium and large).

-University management and leadership updates.

-Electronic administration and its advantages, functions and stages of implementation.

-Green Marketing Updates.

-Electronic marketing and competitive advantage.

-Design and promotion of educational curricula according to the needs of the labor markets.

-Economics of green technology.

-Institutions between the challenges of financial and environmental performance.

Second Session (Accounting) – Development of Financial and Administration Performance under Information Technology:

-Modern Trends in Accounting.

– Accounting under the Information Technology.

-Conceptual framework for IAS.

-Limit of Modern Accounting Problems.

-Administrative and Financial Corruption.

Third Session (Banking and Financial) – Information Technology and Organization performance between reality and ambitions:

-The impact of information Technology on the performance of financial markets .

– Information technology and international financial flows.

– Information technology and enhancing the financial coverage of the banking sector.

– Financial sustainability and its impact on sustainable economic growth.


Other topics and disciplines dealing with economic development or emerging financial markets are mostly welcome

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