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Call of Papers

We are pleased to invite you participate in and contribute to the 2nd Cihan University-Erbil International Conference on Administrative and Financial Sciences (CIC-ADFIS’18) which will be held at Cihan University-Erbil, Kurdistan Region-Iraq.

The aim of the conference is to facilitate and provide an opportunity to exchange knowledge and to share views and experiences in the fields of administration and financial sciences between academics, graduate and post-graduate students, doctoral candidates, researchers and administration and finance experts. Keynote speakers will address hot topics and issues in the field of administration and finance.

The CIC-ADFIS’18 is an international peer reviewed and non-profit conference. It seeks high quality, original and non-published papers in (but not limited to) the following topics:


First Session (Administrative) – Administrative developments and their impact on institutional performance:

– Developments in human resource development and its strategic applications.

– Information technology and environmental sustainability.

-Agile IT management technology.

– Innovations in entrepreneurship and project management (small, medium and large).

-University management and leadership updates.

-Electronic administration and its advantages, functions and stages of implementation.

-Green Marketing Updates.

-Electronic marketing and competitive advantage.

-Design and promotion of educational curricula according to the needs of the labor markets.

-Economics of green technology.

-Institutions between the challenges of financial and environmental performance.


Second Session (Accounting) – Development of Financial and Administration Performance under Information Technology:

-Modern Trends in Accounting.

– Accounting under the Information Technology.

-Conceptual framework for IAS.

-Limit of Modern Accounting Problems.

-Administrative and Financial Corruption.


Third Session (Banking and Financial) – Information Technology and Organization performance between reality and ambitions:

-The impact of information Technology on the performance of financial markets .

– Information technology and international financial flows.

– Information technology and enhancing the financial coverage of the banking sector.

– Financial sustainability and its impact on sustainable economic growth.



Other topics and disciplines dealing with economic development or emerging financial markets are mostly welcome


All the accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings (with ISSN and DOI numbers) and selected papers will be published in the Cihan University-Erbil Scientific Journal.


Important Dates:

The important dates and deadlines are:

Paper Submission Deadline: May 24, 2018
Paper Acceptance Notification Date: June 17, 2018
Conference date: June 27-28, 2018


Papers written in English are preferred however papers written in Arabic are accepted as well. The number of pages for papers written in English must not accede 10 pages and for those written in Arabic must not accede 20 pages. Authors must follow the paper submission instructions given in


For more information please contact conference secretariat via:


cic@ cihanuniversity.edu.iq

Web: http://cic.cihanuniversity.edu.iq/

Mob.: +964 751 768 8597



  • Prof. Dr. Amjad Sabir Al-Dalwi (President of Cihan University-Erbil) – Conference Chair
  • Isam Khalil Abdullah– Administrative and Financial Committee Chair
  • Dr. Mohammad Abdulbaqy – Conference General Coordinator
  • Dr. Muwaffaq Ahmad Ali – Scientific Committee Chair
  • Dr. Rabeei Khalaf Salih – Member
  • Luqman Muhammad Said – Media and Relations Committee Chair
  • Aram Hinna Masudi-Member

Scientific Committee

Prof. Dr. Muwaffaq  Ahmad Ali (Chair)


Prof. Dr. Abdulnasir Ibrahim Nour

Al-Ahliyya Amman University– Jordan


Prof. Dr. Muhammed Hussein Abd Alnabi Abu Nasir

Jordan University – Jordan


Prof. Dr. Bushra Al Mashhadani

\Baghdad University – Iraq


Prof. Dr.Adrs Abbas Al-Timimy

Baghdad University – Iraq


Prof. Dr . Ziad Hashim Al Saqaa

Mousl University – Iraq


Prof. Dr. Abbas Altimimy

Baghdad University – Iraq


Prof. Dr. Sirwan Kareem Issa

Salahhadin University-Erbil – Iraq


Prof. Dr. Muyasar Ibrahim Ahmed

Mousl University – Iraq


Asst. Prof. Dr. Waheed Mahmoud Ramo

Mousl University – Iraq


Asst. Prof. Dr. Luqman Muhammed Ayob Al Dabbagh

Mousl University – Iraq


Asst.Prof. Dr. Ghazi Al Bayati

Foundation of Technical Education- Iraq


Asst.Prof. Dr. Ghazi Othman Mahmoud

Salahhadin University-Erbil – Iraq


Asst.Prof. Dr. Rizgar Sabir

Salahhadin University-Erbil – Iraq


Asst.Prof. Dr. Murad Kuashi

Alarabi Bin Mihedy – Algeria


Asst. Prof. Dr. Said Ahmed Alhaj Issa

Albaleeda University – Algeria


Asst.Prof. Dr. Muhammed Naif Mahmoud

Mousl University – Iraq



Prof. Dr. Humam Al Shamma

Al_Kitab University – Iraq


Prof. Dr.Nabil Hamid Alswedi

Lebanese French University – Iraq


Asst. Prof. Dr. Omer Hisham Almamouri

Almustansirya University- Iraq


Asst. Prof. Dr.Yousif Al Ani

Almustansirya University- Iraq


Asst.Prof. Dr. Alaa Abd Alsalam Yihya

Mousl University – Iraq


Dr. Shalal Habib Abdullah Aljoubori

Lebanese French University – Iraq


Dr. Abdulsattar Abduljabar

Lebanese French University – Iraq


Dr. Hoshyar Maarouf

Lebanese French University – Iraq


Dr. Ayob Anwer Hamad

Cihan University- Erbil – Iraq


Dr. Balasm Jameel Khudhr

Uruk University – Iraq


Dr. Thaier Mahmoud Rasheed

Baghdad University – Iraq


Dr. Hawkar Qasim Pirdawod

Cihan University-Erbil – Iraq


Dr. Hasan Mashriqy

Mousl University – Iraq


Dr. Michel Haddad

Wadi International University – Syria


Administrative and Financial Committee

  • Isam Khalil Abdullah
  • Adnan Jamil Mukhlif
  • Hiwa Omar Ali
  • Smko Kamil Ali
  • Nur Thahir Muhammed


Media and Relations Committee

  • Luqman Muhammad Said
  • lecturer Mohammed Bajalan
  • Lecturer Hunar Muhammed Husain
  • Ahmad Thahir
  • Saba Abdulqadir Thannoon
  • Nur Husain Ali

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